jonah laying in the grass

making a pallet garden all by myself

pretty things around my house

being outside more

not being on my phone all day

living intentionally

our very own borrowers door…

I really wanted a “secret door” leading to no where and everywhere in my house. I wanted creeds imagination to go wild with possibilities of who used the door and where it went. He has been on a borrowers kick lately and I just wanted him to discover the door. So when him and jonah were taking a nap one day me and long got to work on installing this cute little door. It ended up not being exactly what I wanted but Long would kill me if I told him I wanted to take it down and start all over! hah! super simple…got the door from hobby lobby…


we had to keep all the lights out because the boys were sleeping and we didnt want to wake them up…so please excuse the terrible iphone pictures! anyways we took the baseboard completely off because I wanted the door flush with the wall.


yikes! it was kind of scary taking the baseboard off im not going to lie. oh well! I insisted that long screw it into the wall so that they couldnt pull it off and discover there were no people living in our walls (haha) which is why we didnt paint it before we put it on the wall. SMART people would have painted it BEFORE attaching it to the wall. HE insisted on liquid nailing it to the wall…he won. 


see…not fun. being 8 months pregnant didnt help either.


turned out pretty cute though! creed AND jonah loved it…still do. we’re going to start the borrowers book soon with creed! (we have only seen the movie)


cute boys.

parrish backyard wedding.


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c and p married!! | houston tx

harrison baby on the way sneak peek | seabrook tx