our bedroom | almost done!

the duvet cover i made HERE (you can also see how dark and gross our bedroom used to be) i also made the white curtains out of a $13 drop cloth from lowes. i still need to cover my other window…. i just need to sit down at my sewing machine!

i painted and recovered the bench in front of our bed for $0! i had everything i needed on hand. it was hideous before i got to it.

this was my dresser when i was a baby. the drawers stuck like crazy and made me want to pull my hair out every time i tried to open them. so i took the big drawers out and my hubby cut pieces of wood to make a flat surface so that i could put baskets. i love my handy man. and of course i did NOT get rid of the drawers i took out… i put them in creed and jonahs bedroom….ill show you tomorrow what i did with them! :)

recovered the throw pillows on my bed with old sheets. got that super AMAZING vintage bassinet for Jonah from one of my brides mamas! how nice is that?!! i LOVE my brides… and their families!

the room would feel SO much bigger if i didnt have to put my vanity in here but its a must! i sprayed one of  our old dining chairs white for the vanity and made a cushion  for the seat that matches my new dresser.

this is my night stand… floating shelves from urban outfitters…. they’re awesome. im in love.  and then my sitting area beside the vanity… PS i got that chair on the side of the road…someone was throwing it away SCORE FOR ME!

ok you guys… SO i was going from blog to blog to blog and saw THIS door and told long i HAD to have it! what does long do?? figured out in that brilliant head of his how to make it for me… did i mention that i LOVE my husband? (hey long lets paint our room 500 times, hey long i want to put baskets in here, hey long i want a barn door in our bedroom) geez. so we\HE slaved over making this door, we then stained it and painted over the stain and then took a sander to it. on the other girls blog she spent $400 on her really awesome hardware… which we could NOT do. so i was on barn door hardware store online for like 4 days trying to figure out what to buy…. umm can you imagine me trying to figure out what to buy. yikes. well i did! and ours was $66. it came in a metal finish so we painted it flat back and i think it turned out AMAZINGLY! :) ill post some pictures of the process soon!

our bathroom and bedroom are REALLY small so this saves us tons of room! im so happy with it. ahhh i LOVE my husband!

here is a peak from inside the bathroom… long is totally beating himself up because the inside pull is slightly crooked… but i think it adds to it. i love everything about it. this was a JOB i tell ya!

we have been taking doors off of hinges here lately. one in creed and jonahs bathroom, longs closet door and now our bathroom door. to make it look like there was never a door there long has been prying off the middle molding from the door frames filling the holes where the hinges were and then sanding and painting… this shows you what im talking about and then the fact that we still need to do that for this door frame….

hoooray!!!! :) almost done… my list of to dos and then it will really be done:

1. make curtains for other window.

2. i ordered pull backs for the curtains by our bed… those need to come in.

3. long is working on a little piece of art work for one of the walls that he needs to finish up.

4. prep doorway.

and DONE! whatcha think?? much better right, right!?

jenn king - August 18, 2011 - 5:29 am

love love LOVE! you’re amazing!!!!!!!

robin - August 18, 2011 - 9:54 pm

Holy smokes….super super super beautiful! I love your style. I can’t wait to have my own entire home some day!

mindy f - August 19, 2011 - 4:19 am

LOVING all of this!!! Come decorate my house, pretty please!? (in all of your SPARE time of course!!) lol! ;) Super cool stuff though, I’m totally jealous!

Ivette Bishop - August 20, 2011 - 12:39 am


Peggy - September 18, 2011 - 7:18 pm

Ahhh, this is my girl!!! Amazing, beautiful, talented, good to the bone, kind hearted, loving, wonderful mother & wife, fabulous daughter! So proud of you…so blessed your mine…

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